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The United States has strict laws governing immigration. If you are hoping to bring a loved one to the United States, or if you are already in the United States and you want to stay in the country legally, you may need to consult an experienced immigration attorney.

About United States Immigration Law

When coming to the United States, people have two primary options: visas and primary residence. In order to qualify for either of these options, you need to fall into a specific immigration category and meet a set of detailed requirements. For example, an individual who is engaged to a U.S. citizen may be able to come to the country on a fiancée visa.

Hiring an Immigration Attorney

Because immigration law is so complicated, hiring an immigration attorney is highly recommended for anyone who wants to bring a loved one to the United States. An immigration attorney can help you determine which visa category is most appropriate for your needs. Your attorney can also help you complete all of the paperwork, fulfill every requirement and make sure the application gets processed as quickly as possible. If you encounter any problems along the way, your immigration attorney can help you address them.

In cases where an individual wants to become a resident of the United States, an immigration attorney can help with green card applications.

Removal/Deportation Defense

If you are in the United States illegally and you are subjected to a removal or deportation hearing, you need a qualified immigration attorney in your corner. The stakes are high in these cases, and you shouldn’t take any chances. An immigration attorney who has experience in these cases will be able to help you present solid arguments in court and minimize your risk of facing deportation.

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